Planning International

Every trip I’ve ever taken on my own, my parents have bugged me for an itinerary.

“An itinerary? Uh… I’m driving on Friday night, I don’t know, exploring on Saturday I guess. I’ll be home on Sunday.”

I don’t like planning things. I LIKE exploring, seeing what new places have to offer. However, planning a 10 day trip that spans three countries halfway around the world, I figured I needed an easy way to send my parents (and my boyfriend), a real itinerary.

I immediately fell in love with What immediately struck me was that I could put in my flight number, and it would populate the times and dates for me. Pretty nifty.

travefy screenshot.PNG

Travefy Itinerary with flights added – even puts in the terminals for you

The only constructive criticism I might have regards their export options. Maybe I haven’t played around enough with their features, but unless I edited every time and time zone by hand, I could not export a PDF itinerary for my family with the dates and times converted to their local time zone. I ended up just marking it up with a PDF editor.

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