Day 2 – Lion Peak

Without Grace, Jess and I would not have thought to go on a hike in Hong Kong, nor would we have known about the Lion Peak. Perhaps if I had known how steep the hike was I would have hesitated, but ultimately the view was well worth it. 

We met some of Grace’s friends at the train station and began walking up into the mountains. The first bit of the trail was paved through some “family houses.” Grace tried to explain how some families, as long as they still live on the property, developers can’t move in on the land. 

Part of the way through the steep hike we ran into some monkeys. The first was quite intimidating, charging at us. Later on we saw some babies, but we were sure to keep our distance. 

This guy wanted to come after my phone

The steep climb rewarded us with a 360 degree view of the city. 

We immediately headed for Dim Sum to refuel. 

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