Day 6 – The Fair Wind II

As one of the earliest days that we’ve had, we arrived in Keauhou Bay at 8:30 to board the Fair Winds II, a boat that would take us to Captain Cook Bay – officially Kealakekua Bay. While we were still metabolizing our Dramamine and finding our sea legs, the crew served us breakfast and sailed us down to the bay, about an hour south. Along the way, we saw a bunch of flying fish, flying around the boat.


Once in the bay, our crew handed us our snorkels and fins, said “here’s your boundary, have fun,” and let us loose. We spent an hour in the water, looking at the fishes. The water was almost perfectly calm. The coral deep enough to not worry about scraping our feet and legs, but not so deep that the sea life would be hard to see. We managed to see another sea snake, someone said they saw a shark.


The crew served us a lunch of hamburgers and chips, then sent us back out in the water. Once our ship was back on the way, spinner dolphins started playing around the edges of the boat, jumping around the water.

IMG_5033.JPGEven thought it was early afternoon when we got back to the house, we started getting rain as we drove up the mountain to the house. As the rain started and stopped, Phil and I picked some coffee from trees around the house. Unfortunately, many of the beans were rotten, but Phil endured, perhaps enough to get a cup or two of coffee from our own hand picked beans.


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